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Bespoke Utility Billing Solutions for
Government and Enterprises

Get complete consultation and guidance for the development of a customized utility billing software. Derive a workflow, that is best suited for your requirements.

  • All Types Of Utility Billing
  • Invoice Automation
  • Client Management
  • Payment Management

Key Challenges In Utility Bill Management

We provide customized solutions for all types and levels of challenges faced by the utility business

  • Difficult to access and manage customer information.

  • Fast billing process based on the usage of customers

  • Providing a simplified method of payments for the customer

Utility Billing System
  • Timely collection of payments

  • Maintain complete previous records for customer support

  • Complaint processes for utility bill management

Looking for a Customized Solution?

Our Solutions

Get a complete range of customized and integrated utility billing management solutions with
utility billing software for improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • Fixed as Well as Metered

    Cloud-based integrated solutions for meter-based billing even for water with water billing software. A simplified system for water billing, sewer billing, electricity billing and more.

  • Self Service Client Portal

    Customers can view the desired information through a simple login process. Reduced cost of client management and improved efficiency of the billing process with utility bill generator.

  • Ratio Billing Systems

    Customized utility billing solutions for apartments that have sub-meters installed in them. Simplified solutions for Ratio Billing Systems.

  • Meter Reading App

    Meter reading application development solutions for simplified calculation of monthly bills. Automated system integration of meter reading applications for utility invoice generators.

  • Go Paperless

    Paperless solutions for customized utility billing requirements. Benefit from cost savings of online invoice automation. Simplified online payment solutions.

  • Predictable Billing

    Our solutions help in finding out the average usage of a consumer and then charge a fixed monthly fee, accordingly. Predictable monthly billing solutions. Integration with existing CRM solutions.

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What Our Clients Say

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  • In my contractor business, now I can easily focus on my business proceedings keeping control on staff activity and managing team's time better. You can easily streamline invoices while staying focused on your core business tasks.

    " Emily Lewis "
  • Invoiceduck is quite easy to use. Also with this invoicing solution, I can easily upload the business image to invoicing and statements at no cost. The mobile app is great for small businesses, can't beat the price for the excellent service it provides me. Great software, great program.

    " Mia Parker "
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  • Invoiceduck helps in turning the project into a success. I looked at many subscription platforms, but only Invoiceduck subscriptions offer me a flexible solution to allow me to build what I needed. It has a very simple solution to make a big difference. Also, it made integration process quick and easy.

    "Michael Griffin"
  • With Invoiceduck, I'm able to completely manage my consultant business. I really appreciate that invoicing tool is transparent with customer-friendly support. Great tool for automating subscription management. My entire business depends on this software.

    "Cameron Diaz"
  • I can do most-of-the-things in one software. I can easily create and manage projects and tasks assigned to my team. Recommended for keeping track of everything and complete management of invoicing. I found it as an attractive interface that provides me features such as flexible credit note management, currency expense tracking, robust reporting tools and much more.

    "David Anderson"